Discovered more than 4000 years B.C., Silver has been mined throughout the ages in ancient Greece and China and widely used in
trading, as currency and as valued jewelry. More recently, Silver has been mined in Spain and Peru, and at the present, Mexico
together with Australia are the major suppliers of the ore. Pure Silver, also known as FINE SILVER, is relatively soft, very malleable
and easily damaged metal. In order to be used commercially as a more durable product, Silver is commonly combined with other
alloys for strength and durability, hence the use in Silver Jewelry. Also known as .925( 92.5% pure silver and 7.75% alloys),
resulting Sterling Silver will not wear away and will have beautiful shine.

Sterling Silver Jewelry comes in a different variety of styles and textures and the usual highly polished finish beautifully reflects the
light. The other finishes reflect the design concept of the artist and contribute to the uniqueness of the piece. Rhodium, for
instance, gives Silver the characteristic appearance of white gold and also protects Silver from the occasional natural tendency to
Silver by itself has a preset value on the world market. Design and the intricacy of each piece, however, combined with the
handcrafting efforts of the artisans determines the final
price of each piece of Sterling Silver Jewelry. Quality fineness mark of .925
shall appear on each piece.

Your fine Sterling Silver jewelry will last lifetime with proper care. Keep jewelry in cloth pouches to minimize scratches or...each
piece separately in cloth lined compartments inside your jewelry chest. Do not expose your silver to bleach and ammonia found in
household chemicals nor to chlorinated water in your
swimming pool. They are not friendly at all to silver.

The best way to keep your jewelry sparkling is to wear it often. Tarnish build-up is a natural tendency of Silver and periodic
cleaning will keep your Silver pieces shiny and beautiful. Use liquid cleaning solutions found in our ABRANO web site and in our
store and / or ABRANO Polishing Cloth, packaged with white gloves to keep your hands clean, also found in the ACCESSORIES
section of the COLLECTIONS page.
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